President's Dashboard

Financing for Future Growth

Goal: Diversify revenue stream and strengthen substantive offerings

  • Strong membership payments in the first quarter of 2015. No major attrition issues.
  • ADB partnership (peer to peer education programming for ASEAN member pension systems) is progressing. We are very close to approval of a multi-year, multi-program grant that will contribute $225,000 in unbudgeted revenue. 
  • Building the model for sponsorship support for PPI programming, to include the proposed Institutional Investor Dialogue (for Asia members and prospects) in conjunction with the Summer Roundtable, and the Executive Seminar and Asia Roundtable in Tokyo. Solicitations by senior staff to commence in April.
  • Johnson travel to New York April 1 included promising membership prospect meetings with NYC CIO and TIAA-CREF, and partnership discussions with the World Economic Forum
  • Johnson travel to India April 4-9 to include a range of meetings with government and private sector leaders, with a view toward broadening and deepening Indian participation and engagement in PPI.  Thanks so much to Ajit Dayal and his team for an outstanding schedule in Mumbai and Delhi.
  • Johnson travel to Hong Kong, Beijing, and Shanghai April 10-16 to shore up Chinese partnerships and participation in 2015 programming.  Many thanks again to Paul Speltz and his team for another great schedule and strong on-the-ground support for this mission.  Warm appreciation to the China Strategy Group for inspiring the trip.

Strategic Planning for the Future

  • March 23-27 PPI staff engagement with Dr. Martha Summerville resulted in major progress toward a framework for PPI's three-year Strategic Plan.  Next steps include drafting of key components, including Finance, Membership, Program, Communications and Technology.  
  • Proposed Strategic Plan plan to be fully aligned with, and will amplify recommendations stemming from the Branding Project.


  • Winter Roundtable: PPI staff summarized the Winter Roundtable in an “Insight Report” to bring together the major themes from the event. The report, free from attribution, was disseminated to PPI members and will be used for outreach to potential members.
  • Summer Roundtable: In March, staff reached out to current PPI members for input on potential topics and speakers for the Summer Roundtable, the focus of which will be real assets. 
  • Institutional Investor Dialogue: With support from the China Strategy Group, staff is creating the framework for a peer-to-peer dialogue for potential members from China, Korea, and Taiwan as well as current asset owner members. This event will promote PPI programs to prospective members in an informal setting. Throughout April, PPI staff and the China Strategy Group will reach out to prospective attendees for this event and begin logistics coordination.

Next Roundtable: Summer Roundtable in San Francisco

July 22-24, 2015, Diversification Through Real Asset Investment

2015 Program Priorities:

  • Focus on investible implications; tangible investment ideas
  • More content that is specific; more topics, fewer speakers per session; shorter focused sessions; ample time for networking
  • Strong moderation

2016 Program Dates Set


  • A new, more robust pipeline that expands the list of prospective members has cleared the Membership Committee and has been shared with the board for feedback, active input, and help.  
  • Kris Greenville traveled to Austin, Texas on March 17 to meet with Tom Tull, CIO, Employees Retirement System of Texas; Holland Timmins, CIO (and cousin of Jim Timmins), Texas Permanent School Fund and Bruce Zimmerman, CEO and CIO, University of Texas Investment Management Corporation.  The meetings were productive with all three expressing interest in continued communications and intentions to attend or send a representative to the Summer Roundtable.

Newest Members: 

  • University of California Regents; contact is Arthur Guimaraes, COO; Jagdeep Bachher, CEO, is the primary representative
  • Wellington Management Company; represented by Niraj Bhagwat and Mark Mandel

Institutional Partnerships

  • Continued build-out of institutional strategic partnerships (and eventual full membership in PPI), e.g., Hong Kong Monetary Authority, GPIF (Japan), MAS (Singapore), the Brookings Institution, the Rand Corporation, the World Economic Forum; Chatham House, and Stanford University
  • Greenville has had a series of calls with our key ADB contact to advance the program planning for a regional meeting in Thailand for pension systems of that country along with Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Myanmar. The program is tentatively scheduled for late June and will offer participants from developing funds operational takeaways in the areas of pension design, governance and portfolio construction.

Legacy Video Project

  • Mark Mancao manages the project; Ken Smith is the videographer.
  • Board and other PPI members engaged during the Winter Roundtable. 
  • The project is on track for release in July with an advance screening for attendees of the Summer Roundtable.

Branding Project

  • Mark Mancao manages this project; Kristin Lee Swenson and Howard Ronder of kreativz! are the brand consultants.
  • Board and other PPI members engaged during the Winter Roundtable. 
  • Interviews continue, as well as outreach via a member survey. 
  • Their first draft of their findings and recommendations was submitted to staff this week.
Lionel C. Johnson