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Traffic Light Key:

 Red Light: Needs Board Assistance

Red Light:
Needs Board Assistance

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Yellow Light:
Needs Refinement

 Green Light: On Target

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On Target


Financing for Future Growth

I will travel to Tokyo May 11-12 for meetings related to PPI's partnership with the GPIF on the October Asia Roundtable.  I will also be doing sponsorship fundraising calls on corporates while in Tokyo.  Thanks to Tak Ishikawa and his team for their support of this mission.

Q3 Membership invoices issued on May 1.

Strategic Planning for the Future

Strategic Plan process remains on track.  Executive Committee to receive draft plan executive summary for comment on May 7; full draft plan to be shared with Executive Committee by week of June 22.  Draft plan to be sent to the full Board by July 6, for discussion at the Board meeting on July 22.


ADB grant has been approved and planning has begun for a PPI sub-regional, peer-to-peer pension fund program for five countries: Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand scheduled for late August in Thailand.

Planning for July 22-24 Summer Roundtable on real assets progressing; agenda and speakers firming up nicely.

Institutional Investor Dialogue in July, outreach for which was done in conjunction with the China strategy group, will now likely be postponed to a later date.  Participation by a critical mass of asset owners from China proved difficult in light of the Chinese government's severe restrictions on foreign travel.

Asia Roundtable and Executive Seminar:  We have confirmed keynote remarks for the opening night by Dr. Parag Khanna, author and international relations expert.  

Thought leadership:  PPI staff will begin writing an articles series related to the potential implications for investment and capital market development of the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), beginning with a PPI Op-ed on why TPP would be positive for investors.  


We will be moving our member management data from Salesforce to Cvent, which is designed to help organizations be proactive about tracking and communicating with members. We have already experienced the benefits of using Cvent's registration module and mobile app. Adding Cvent's membership module will help us to be more coordinated and efficient with member service.

We have added a number of prospective member organizations to our membership ‘wishlist’ and are now sending invitations to those prospects, each with coordinated support from the Board or members.  Next Membership Committee meeting planned for May 20.

Kris will travel to New York to attend the Robert Toigo Foundation Gala in June.  The foundation, which seeks to promote careers in finance for minority MBA students, is supported by several current and potential prospective members.

Institutional Outreach

Kris met with the Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees to discuss possible partnership opportunities including the possibility of an affiliation program.  AIST is a policy and education organization that supports the staff and leadership of 60+ Australian Super systems through continuing education programs and study tours.

Vietnam Social Security has asked PPI to develop a study tour in August for their new Director General, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Minh. The purpose of the tour is to provide Mrs. Minh with insights on pension governance models, pension administration, internal and external fund management.  We will reach out to the Board and PPI members to help ensure a robust schedule of meetings for the DG.

Nick will attend this week's SkyBridge Alternatives (SALT) Conference in Las Vegas, which will address macroeconomic trends, geopolitical events, and investment opportunities. Over 1,800 people will be in attendance, including many current and prospective PPI members.

PPI will partner with the Financial Times on its 2015 Emerging & Frontier Markets Summit in NYC this December, including speaking roles for PPI members. Generally PPI will be highlighted as a partner on the event literature in return for promoting the Summit to our members. Some VIP tickets would be provided to PPI as well.

PPI will be looking to build a closer relationship with the RAND Corporation through its Center for Asia Pacific Policy. This may include placement of RAND research fellows at PPI and speaking roles for RAND officials in PPI programs, such as the Asia Roundtable in Tokyo.  I was elected to the Board of Trustees of RAND on May 1, which should facilitate closer institutional ties.  

Legacy Video Project

Editing well underway. Videographer Ken Smith is also obtaining other footage and music to add variety. Early edits look good.

Shelley Smith has provided additional audio recording for the segment on PPI's origins.

The project is on track for release in July with an advance screening for attendees of the Summer Roundtable.

Branding Project

Preliminary findings and recommendations report received and discussed among staff and with Theresa during her recent visit to San Francisco.

Stop lights_green-01.png

We are in the next phase of crafting and honing specific language for the mission, vision, principles and lead-in statements. Top options will be tested with focus groups and individual stakeholders.

Branding consultants continue with strategic interviews.

Lionel C. Johnson