President's Dashboard - Special Issue

Before I begin some travel for meetings with PPI members and prospective members in Europe next week and on the East Coast of the US during the following week, I am pleased to share with you this special issue of the President's Dashboard focused on highlights from the Management Team Retreat in Bodega Bay, CA, March 21-22.

Building on the themes and outcomes from the Board Retreat at the end of February, the Management Team spent two days off-site - also with Martha Summerville. We accomplished our primary objectives to:

  • Review accomplishments of the past year.
  • Review the Board Retreat output and the implications for our work ahead.
  • Discuss and reach agreements on actions the team can take to improve effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Discuss individual commitments to strengthen the team.

Much of the first day was devoted to identifying and "busting" silos of expertise, silos created by role responsibilities, and silos created by processes and practices. The silo metaphor is based on the book by Gillian Tett, The Silo Effect: The Peril of Expertise and the Promise of Breaking Down Barriers.

Our goal on the second day was to explore how the behaviors and patterns discussed during the previous day could be recast into action strategies. We prioritized an extensive list in two primary areas of strategic focus that the team felt it could take action upon and see progress by the Summer Roundtable and Board meeting in July. The two areas naturally correspond to PPI's core, programs and membership - or, in terms of our strategic plan, "Delivering High-Impact Programs" and "Building a Dynamic Global Community."

Actions Steps Toward Delivering High-Impact Programs

The key elements of the team's action plan for programs are:

  • Foster active, candid conversations with the board and program committee.
  • Reach out to a subset of the membership for further feedback.
  • Revise programmatic themes regularly to account for market indicators, geopolitical events and members’ focus.
  • Explore new models for roundtables to encourage an active exchange of ideas and promote exceptional facilitation.

Action Steps Toward Building a Dynamic Global Community

The key elements of the team's action plan for membership are:

  • Develop and articulate the PPI membership experience: purpose, key touch points, actions, events, and the roles of management and the board.
  • Create a new member packet that will be provided to all new members upon joining.
  • Utilize mobile app capabilities, the new or expanded features that serve to welcome/engage new members.
  • Design an orientation event tied to the roundtables for new members to meet the Board and others.

The work of the whole team is reinvigorated by the ideas and plans we generated together. I look forward to sharing the outcomes with you via this Dashboard over the coming months and at the meeting of the Board in July.

Finally, as you will soon see in an email to the PPI membership, registration for the Summer Roundtable will open on April 1, and a revised registration procedure is in effect that will help us to maintain an optimal and fair balance of non-commercial and commercial participants, as well as to ensure an audience size that is conducive to the valuable peer-to-peer engagement that is PPI’s hallmark. Along with the invitation to register, we also released the 2016 Winter Roundtable Insights and our Annual Report 2015. Additionally, you have recently received the announcement of a new addition to the Management Team in San Francisco. Some of you met Piin-Fen Kok during the interview process. She will join the team as Senior Director of Programs & Knowledge, effective June 13. I hope you will join us in welcoming her to PPI.

Lionel C. Johnson