Leadership and teamwork were key to PPI’s achievements in 2014. 

Theresa Whitmarsh took over the role of chair of the Board of Directors from Gordon Fyfe, whose two year term concluded.  Adrian Orr was named vice chair; Henry Jones as secretary and Wayne Kozun as treasurer. The board's standing committees were chaired by: Jack Wadsworth (Audit), Collette Chilton (Budget & Financial Planning), Richelle Sugiyama (Membership), Melissa Ma (Nominating & Governance), Adrian Orr and Tak Ishikawa (Program).

The year 2014 provided the the board and staff a unique opportunity to forge a new partnership to maintain the high quality of the organization’s key functions: programs, membership, communications, finance and administration. During this period, a search committee of board members working with an executive search firm conducted an exhaustive search for new leadership.  Lionel C. Johnson was selected in July and began his role as president. Kris Greenville, who led PPI in the interim, was promoted to vice president.