2015 Summer Roundtable in San Francisco



If you have an iOS or Android mobile device, as well as any internet-enabled device or laptop computer with a web browser that you will bring to the Roundtable, we strongly encourage you to use the app. Attendees of previous events have asked us to use the technology even more, so we will be integrating the app into this program experience with a new live polling feature, through which we will invite your input via the app. For those without mobile devices, the staff will offer to register your responses using our devices.


If you already have the PPI Programs mobile app installed on your device:

  • Make sure you are running the latest version by checking your app store for updates. 
  • Tap the PPI Programs app on your device’s home screen.
  • Find and tap the 2015 Summer Roundtable in San Francisco among the list of events.
  • Enter the event code realassets (lowercase, no space) to download the event content. We recommend that you do this while you are connected to wifi if you do not want to use your mobile data plan. The recommended reading articles will be downloading into the app, so please wait a couple of minutes for the content to load.
  • If your device requests your permission for the app to display notifications, please allow it. We will send occasional important reminders and polling invitations through push notifications.

If you have not yet downloaded the app:

  • With your mobile device, launch your app store and search for the free PPI Programs app.
  • Alternatively, you can open this page on your mobile device and click App Store if you have an iPhone or iPad, or click Google Play if you have an Android phone or tablet.
  • If you will use a web browser, visit the app here and bookmark the site so you can easily return to it: https://event.crowdcompass.com/2015srt

The app offers additional optional features for those who would like to take notes within the app, bookmark sessions and attendees, set reminders and more. To enable these features, you need to log in:

  • From the main page of the Roundtable event in the app, tap the menu icon (three horizontal lines). 
  • Tap Log In 
  • Enter your registration code (this is the confirmation code found on the confirmation email you received when you registered) and your email address
  • Those who have attended other PPI events may have chosen to log in with other credentials. If you have trouble logging in, please let me know, and I will reset your login information. 
  • Note: Some features, like direct messaging with other members and contact sharing, are not yet available, but we are planning an update to our app architecture to be in place for the Asia Roundtable in October.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Mark Mancao, or call +1 (415) 576-1187.