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2018 Annual Report > Programs


High-Impact Programs,
Long-Term Reach


Our 2018 programs continued to address the ramifications and undercurrents of global shifts and disruptions. As investors grappled with policy unpredictability amid a continuing realignment of the international system marked by rising economic nationalism, it was imperative that their views of the future be informed by the transformations that demographics and other long-term trends had brought about in the world economy. The Pacific Rim is, of course, not immune to these and other developments: PPI's programs in Australia explored the near-term challenges facing this country’s economy, as well as Asia-Pacific perspectives in managing the headwinds to globalization.

Our 2018 Core Program Lineup

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Washington, D.C. March 14-16, 2018

Washington, D.C.
March 14-16, 2018

La Jolla, CA July 11-13, 2018

La Jolla, CA
July 11-13, 2018

Melbourne, Australia October 14-16, 2018

Melbourne, Australia
October 14-16, 2018

Sydney, Australia October 17-19, 2018

Sydney, Australia
October 17-19, 2018

More 2018 Programs:     Infrastructure Seminar

2018 Annual Report > Membership


Trusted Dynamic Global Community


PPI’s membership grew at a healthy pace in 2018, and we have largely achieved parity between asset owner and manager member institutions. Interest in PPI membership has been robust, and we have earned the right to be judicious as well as strategic in terms of membership recruitment.

PPI welcomed 19 new and returning member institutions in 2018, and by year-end our membership roster comprised 120 member organizations. The new member organizations in 2018 were: APG; Asset Metrix; ATP; Bill & Melinda Gates Investments; Capital Group; Creaegis; Equilibrium Capital Group; FM Global; Future Fund; Government Pension Investment Fund - GPIF; Guggenheim Partners; Joy Capital; KKR; Los Angeles City Employees’ Retirement System; Partners' Group; PSP Investments; SURA Asset Management; Teacher Retirement System of Texas; and West Virginia Investment Management Board. PPI gained three new Friend of PPI members: Russell Hiscock; Shigeki Kimura; and Amb. Paul W. Speltz. Last, but not least, Lifetime Membership was awarded to John Campbell OBE.

We celebrated PPI’s 25th Anniversary throughout 2018, the pinnacle of which was the gala celebration during the Summer Roundtable in La Jolla, CA (click the Summer Roundtable image above to view the photos). Additionally, we marked this milestone with a new PPI video.

Watch PPI at 25 and Beyond:

Our Membership Roster on December 31, 2018

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Asset Owners
and Allocators

Asset Managers
and Advisors

of PPI

2018 Annual Report > Finances

Strong Revenues and Resources

PPI demonstrated sound fiscal management and accountability measures, as demonstrated by the audited financial statements completed as of December 31, 2018 by SingerLewak, LLP. The following Statement of Activities reflects total Revenue and Support of $2,803,152, an increase of $183,493 or 7% from the prior year. Total Expenses were $2,741,9973, an increase of $94,044 or 4% from the prior year. The total change in 2018 net assets is $61,176.

Our goal is to undergird PPI’s financial future through strong and diversified revenue flows and effective expense management. In 2018, membership dues, roundtable registration, and contributions by PPI members were our lead sources of revenue. We gratefully acknowledge our 2018 Sponsorship Program supporters: Barings, FountainVest Partners (Asia), Goldman Sachs Asset Management, Hermes Investment Management, Meridiam, Nikko Asset Management, and Siguler Guff & Company.

PPI’s solid financial position in 2018 enabled us to make investments in programs, people and member service technology, while also shoring up PPI reserves to weather unforeseen revenue shortfalls.



Statement of Activities

For the Year Ended December 31, 2018
With Comparative Totals (USD) for the Year Ended December 31, 2017

2018 2017
     Membership Dues $2,257,200 $2,206,300
     Roundtable Registration 350,718 287,360
     Executive Seminar Registration 67,885 72,250
     Investment Income 22,349 8,894
Total Revenue 2,698,152 2,574,804
     Contributions 105,000 140,240
Total Support 105,000 140,240
TOTAL REVENUE & SUPPORT 2,803,152 2,715,044
     Program Services 2,158,461 2,170,047
     Support Services 583,515 477,885
Total Expenses 2,741,976 2,647,932
CHANGE IN NET ASSETS 61,176 67,112
Net assets without donor restrictions, beginning of year 2,040,077 1,972,965
Net assets without donor restrictions, end of year $2,101,253 $2,040,077

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2018 Revenue Sources


2018 Expense Allocation


The financial information presented is from the audited financial statements. Interested parties can obtain a complete copy of the audited financial statements by contacting our office.

2018 Annual Report > Leadership


PPI's Powerful Perspective


PPI’s leaders—our global board of directors, Advisory Council, and management team based in San Francisco—are dedicated to fostering a trusted dynamic PPI Community with a powerful perspective. We must continuously earn this status by providing a safe and open space for our members to gather to discuss and debate the most relevant and pressing issues for institutional investors. We recognize that the PPI membership represents a powerful force in the global economy, and we understand that it is our duty to support the work of our members as they diligently assess investment opportunities and risks every day.

Our Leadership Roster on December 31, 2018

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Board of