The world stands on the threshold of a stunning demographic transformation. It is called global aging, and it promises to affect virtually every dimension of life, from the shape of the family to the shape of the geopolitical order. Trying to navigate the economic, investment, and retirement policy environment of the next few decades without understanding the impact of global aging is like setting sail without a map or a compass. The purpose of this issue brief series, which is produced in collaboration by the Global Aging Institute (GAI) and the Pacific Pension & Investment Institute (PPI), is to help policymakers and business leaders steer a surer course as they peer ahead into the future. Some of the issue briefs in the series focus specifically on retirement policy issues, especially in Asia, while others explore how demographic trends are reshaping the broader economic, social, and geopolitical environment in which governments, pension funds, and individuals and families must operate. GAI and PPI hope that the series will inform the debate over global aging and retirement security and help to push it in a constructive direction.