Good stewardship of the organization’s resources is an important value and a driving force of our administrative and finance staff. 

Gwen Bough keeps PPI’s administrative functions organized and operating efficiently and supports the activities of the board and the executive leadership. 

Sabina Gotuaco works closely with the staff, the Budget and Financial Planning committee and our network of vendors to maintain a budget that is centered on providing member service and program quality.  

PPI demonstrated sound fiscal management and accountability measures in 2014, as demonstrated by the audit completed as of December 31, 2014 by Good & Fowler, LLP.  The Statement of Activities reflects a total Revenue and Support of $1,912,004, or an increase of $23,140 or 1.2% from prior year.  Total Expenses were $1,916,502, or a decrease of $40,834 or 2% from prior year.  The total change in net assets is a difference of $4,498, an improvement of 93% over the prior year.