PPI communications are designed to support the membership and programming with timely and relevant information for the community, in ways that clearly convey the purpose and values of PPI across all channels. With Mark Mancao's initiative to take advantage of the efficiencies and cost savings of integrated, cloud-based media, PPI adopted new communications technology platforms in 2014. PPI debuted its new mobile app at the Summer Roundtable. By the time of the Singapore Roundtable, the majority of attendees were using the app to deepen their Roundtable experience and to provide feedback that would inform future programs. He also took on the management of two exciting projects conceived by the president.

  • Legacy Video Project: With a deep desire to honor our history while also articulating PPI's value and purpose for today, we launched a video production project funded by donors, that is planned to produce a 10-minute film that will be placed prominently on our website and used for outreach to potential new members. Initial filming took place at the home of PPI's founder, Larry Hull, and a few interviews during the Singapore Roundtable, with plans to do the bulk of the video interviews during the 2015 Winter Roundtable. Attendees of the 2015 San Francisco Roundtable will be treated to an advance screening.

  • Branding Project: Toward the end 2014, it was clear that PPI had arrived at the moment when it needed to hone our mission statement and messaging in light of the competitive environment in which PPI operates. As the year came to a close, the staff had launched a project, engaging the board, members and other stakeholders to refresh PPI's brand and to effectively articulate its value proposition.