Roundtable Topics

  • Accessing emerging market opportunities
  • Asia’s rising debt
  • Singapore and the ASEAN community
  • Trends in private equity in Asia
  • Strategic partnerships
  • Central bank strategies

The final event of 2014 was PPI’s annual Asia Roundtable in Singapore, with the theme The New Center: Tracing the Impact of a Global Shift. Discussions focused on the shifting demographic and economic trends in Asia, specifically regarding Southeast Asia’s emerging consumer class, with the aim to provide a deeper understanding of the impact of this growth and the structural changes needed for it to continue. Immediately prior to the roundtable, the annual APEC Summit was held in Beijing. During the roundtable, the East Asia Summit was taking place in Myanmar. The G20 Summit in Brisbane, Australia, immediately followed. As these meetings focused primarily on the trade and economic ties between countries in the region, they created a fascinating backdrop for PPI’s Singapore event. 

The co-chairs of the Singapore Roundtable were Sheila Patel, Chief Executive Officer, Goldman Sachs Asset Management International and Leslie Teo Eng Sipp, Director, Economics and Investment Strategy and Chief Economist, GIC Private Limited. GIC served as our in-country host. At the Thursday evening dinner, PPI honored Takeshi Kadota with the H. Lawrence Hull Leadership Award and PPI Lifetime Membership, for his key role in bringing to PPI the very important participation of today's PPI members in Japan.

The roundtable featured keynote remarks from The Honorable Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore and Minister of Finance, on the role of Singapore in ASEAN, economic growth prospects for the region and internal challenges. The roundtable also featured a conversation between Jonathan Slone, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at CLSA Limited, and the honorable Clay Lowery, Vice President of Rock Creek Global Advisors and former Assistant Secretary for International Affairs at the U.S. Treasury Department. They discussed the recent APEC meeting and the outlook for regional trade and partnerships with the United States and its Asian allies.