(in reverse chronological order)


Summer Roundtable

Trade and the Heartland: From Agriculture to Manufacturing

July 10 - 12, 2019 – Chicago, Illinois

Winter Roundtable

Talent: Building Blocks of Winning Institutions and Industries

February 27 – March 1 • Westlake Village, California


 Asia Pacific Roundtable

The Asia-Pacific’s Opportunity in an Evolving International Order

October 17-19 • Sydney, Australia

Summer Roundtable

Drivers of Change: Future-Proofing Investment Portfolios

July 11-13 • La Jolla, California

 Winter Roundtable

The Global Policy Outlook Amid a Return of Economic Nationalism

March 14-16 • Washington, D.C. 0


 Asia Roundtable

Development and Innovation: Fulfilling India’s Growth Potential

November 8-10 • Mumbai, India

Summer Roundtable

Shifting Sources of Risk and Uncertainty: Inflection Points in Today’s Investment Environment

July 26-28 • Toronto, Canada

Winter Roundtable

Business Not as Usual: Adapting to a Changing Global Landscape

February 22-24 • Seattle, Washington


 Asia Roundtable

China’s Financial Liberalization: Are Further Improvements in Corporate Governance Needed?

October 26-28 • Hong Kong & Shenzhen, China

Summer Roundtable

Risk in an Age of Uncertainty: How Are Investors Understanding and Managing It?

July 27-29 • Cambridge, Massachusetts

Winter Roundtable 

Investing in a Low-Growth World: Can Innovation Alter Our Trajectory?

February 24-26 • Los Angeles, California


 Asia Roundtable

The New Economic Geography: Impact and Opportunities

October 28-30 • Tokyo, Japan 

Summer Roundtable

Diversification Through Real Asset Investments

July 22-24 • San Francisco, California

Winter Roundtable

 The Evolving Landscape of “Responsible Investing”

February 11-13 • Los Angeles, California


Asia Roundtable 

The New Center: Tracing the Impact of a Global Shift

November 12-14 • Singapore

Summer Roundtable

Path Forward: New East-West Investment Dynamics

July 23-25 • Carlsbad, California

Winter Roundtable

Reaching for Returns Investors Test the Marketplace

 February 26-28 • Whistler, British Columbia, Canada


 Asia Roundtable

Defining Markets: Asia as Capital Source and Destination

November 6-8 • Beijing, China


Summer Roundtable

Capitalizing on Competition for Energy, Water and Land Resources

July 10-12 • Pasadena, California

Winter Roundtable 

A Connected World Capital Pools and The Future of Technology

February 27 – March 1 • Sausalito, California


 Asian Pension Fund Roundtable

Managing Risk in a Rebalancing World

November 1-2 • Jakarta, Indonesia


Summer Roundtable

A Competitive India: The Promise of Reforms

July 25-27 • Cle Elum, Washington


Winter Roundtable

The Pressures of Economic Contagion: The Outlook for Europe, Japan, United States & China

February 15-17 • Del Mar, California


Asian Pension Fund Roundtable 

Investing When Change is Fundamental

November 9-11 • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Summer Roundtable

On Asia’s Southern Rim: Perspective on India, Southeast Asia & Oceania

July 13-15 • Vancouver, British Columbia


Winter Roundtable

Environment for Investment: Risk, Reward or Distraction?

February 23-25 • Laguna Beach, California


 Asian Pension Fund Roundtable

Managing Risk in the Face of Austerity

October 27-29 • Kowloon, Hong Kong


Summer Roundtable

Crisis and Recovery: Uncertainty in the West, Implications for the East   

July 14-16 • Stanford, California

Winter Roundtable 

China and the Middle East: Emerging Market Money Centers

February 24-26 • Napa, California


 Asian Pension Fund Roundtable

Mitigating Uncertainty: Institutional Investors & Risk Management

November 4-6 • Bangkok, Thailand

Summer Roundtable

What’s Ahead?: Financial & Capital Markets – Environment, Water, & Technology Politics 

July 8-10 • Monterey, California


Winter Roundtable

Politics & Global Finance: Navigating in Uncharted Waters

February 25-27 • La Jolla, California


Asian Pension Fund Roundtable 

Returning to the Fundamentals of Pension Fund Investment

October 29-31 • Kyoto, Japan

Summer Roundtable 

Re-Pricing Risk: Key Players in a Changing Landscape

July 23-25 • Snoqualmie, Washington

Winter Roundtable

China: Myths and Realities of the Middle Kingdom

February 20-22 • Marina del Rey, California


2007 Asian Pension Fund Roundtable 

October 31 – November 2 • Singapore

Summer Roundtable

Global Competition for Natural Resources

July 25-27 • Victoria, British Columbia

Winter Roundtable

Exploring Avenues of Finance and Investment Into and Within Asia

February 14-16 • St. Helena, California


 Asian Pension Fund Roundtable

Building Asia’s Pension Systems: The Key to Sound Capital Market Performance

October 12-13 • Seoul, Republic of Korea

Summer Roundtable

New Players on the Rise: Multinationals and Consumers in Asia’s Emerging Markets

July 12-14 • Del Mar, California

Winter Roundtable 

New Realities in the Triad: North America, Latin America and Asia

January 25-27 • Newport Beach, California


Asian Pension Fund Roundtable 

Demographic Pressures in Asia: Driving Retirement System Reform and Capital Market Development

November 9-10 • Beijing, China

Summer Roundtable

Energy, Infrastructure and Geopolitics: The Global Impact of Russia and Her Asian Neighbors

July 13-15 • Anchorage, Alaska 

Winter Roundtable Meeting

Currents and Counter-Currents in the Global Economy

February 2-4 • Marina del Rey, California


Asian Pension Fund Roundtable

October 25-26 • Tokyo, Japan

Summer Roundtable Meeting

Deciding When to Leap: Investors Analyze New Regions and Industries

July 28-30 • San Francisco, California

Winter Roundtable Meeting

Northeast Asia: Korea/Japan/China

January 28-30 • Pasadena, California


Asian Pension Fund Roundtable 

December 11-12 • Bangkok, Thailand

Summer Roundtable Meeting

The Global Economy: Rocky Road to Recovery

July 24-26 • Vancouver, Canada

Winter Roundtable Meeting

Planning for the Future in Times of Global Turmoil

January 29-31 • Del Mar, California


Summer Roundtable Meeting 

Fast Forward for Global Investors: New Ways to Forecast Trouble and Opportunity

July 25–27 • Seattle, Washington

Winter Roundtable Meeting

Forging Successful Investment Strategies: Troubled Sectors, Regions and Times

January 23–25 • Redwood City and Stanford, California