A strategic goal for PPI is to raise our global profile as a thought leader among institutional investors. One of our first steps toward this goal was to examine and refine PPI's brand. We engaged consultants at kreativz in a six-month PPI Branding Project.

Through a comprehensive discovery process involving research, interviews and surveys by the branding team, we concluded that PPI was ready to stand up and be recognized for the unique value it brings to the institutional investor community. The full report of the discovery process is available here. Based on the team’s findings, we re-oriented our message to focus on membership and programs. Superb program content paired with unparalleled networking opportunities is what members value most.

Our refreshed brand reinforces our value for current members, who are obviously vital to PPI’s ongoing success, and compelling to prospective members. Our new language and visual expression is bold, contemporary and much more clearly articulated, emphasizing our global membership and the powerful perspective that can be gained through participation in PPI. At the same time, the brand continues to express the strong values that define PPI's tradition and are paramount to its success.

Our Mission

PPI convenes global pension and investment thought leaders for in-depth dialogue and knowledge sharing on issues facing long-term institutional investors in Asia, the Pacific Rim, and worldwide.

Our Vision Statement

To be the leading membership organization for asset owners and managers providing innovative, world-class programs on the power and potential of global investing for the benefit of institutional beneficiaries, other stakeholders and future generations.

PPI remains committed to presenting powerful perspectives, through our programs and networking opportunities, for our members and target audiences. Embedded deeply in this commitment is the priority to bring forward the issues and views that will draw a range of Asian institutional investors.

A Name More Apt for PPI Today

From the outset of the PPI Branding Project, we aimed to build upon the existing PPI brand and its strengths, as represented by our powerful membership and excellent programming. We were keenly aware that PPI operates in an increasingly competitive environment, and that perceptions of PPI have naturally evolved over time. From this process emerged a modified organization name:

Pacific Pension & Investment Institute

At the same time, we recognized that we are best known by the acronym PPI, which our new logo capitalizes upon:


We are a member-driven organization bringing together members from across the globe who are drawn from asset ownership institutions, asset management firms as well as organizations dedicated to furthering the understanding of the modern investment environment. The intersecting lines within the sphere of the logo represent this nexus that is at the heart of the value we provide members. 


One of the first expressions of PPI's refreshed brand was the video above. To honor PPI’s history, clearly convey our purpose and value, and showcase our programs, we filmed interviews of nearly forty people - a diverse group representing the founders of the organization to today's PPI membership.