Logistics Survey - 2017 Executive Seminar

2017 Executive Seminar

Logistics Survey

Please provide some additional information. We would appreciate your response by October 25.

Participant's Name *
Participant's Name
airline, flight number, arrival date and time
airline, flight number, departure date and time
Will you attend the cultural tour on Nov 5?
Optional cultural site tour to the Gandhi Smriti, 1:00-4:30 PM
Dinner in Mumbai: Tuesday, Nov 7
*For those who paid the additional Dining Companion fee, your companion may join this meal.
If you have not shared your food allergies previously or you are not sure if you did, you can let us know here.

*Seminar delegates with travel companions can pay the Dining Companion fee ($250 USD) so that they can join for three meals during the seminar: dinner and the accompanying program on Sunday and Monday in New Delhi and Tuesday in Mumbai. Dining companions are not eligible to attend other sessions of the seminar. If they decide to attend any of the other sessions, they will be charged the full registration fee.