January 2, 2018


Dear Colleagues:

As 2018 dawns, the Asia Pacific region is poised for another strong year. The global community has come to rely on this region as a consistent source of growth, and the World Bank recently revised its forecast upward for 2018 to reflect this reality. Opportunities will be increasing, and as you have come to expect, PPI will, during the coming year, foster programs that will help you to digest and to appreciate the trends and developments impacting our region and our world.


As we embark on another year, one that is particularly significant in the history of PPI, I want to take a brief moment to reflect on the past year and what we have accomplished together. 


In 2017, we broadened and deepened our membership without compromising on quality, and with an eye toward completing the geographic contours of PPI - to bring into the fold members from the Pacific Alliance (Mexico, Colombia, Chile, and Peru). We held our first major program in India, where we dialogued with the prime minister and minister of Finance. We hired Asia and finance specialists, thereby enhancing our institutional knowledge and increasing our in-house expertise. We established creative partnerships with new organizations, and focusing on promising areas such as the Asian-African economic and investment linkages and developments in Latin America. And we created new communication and outreach mechanisms, helping us to improve our understanding of your interests and priorities.

More broadly, PPI has now completed the third year of our 2015-2017 strategic plan, having met all of our principal goals: strengthening our programmatic content, growing our membership and investing in people and ideas. We will build on this progress as we implement our 2018-2020 strategic plan in support of your mission to safeguard the long-term well-being of your beneficiaries and stakeholders.

Our primary focus over the coming years will be to keep abreast of and to anticipate the major economic, financial and geopolitical events and trends that are influencing global markets. Our roundtables, seminars, and communications will all be designed to help you gain deeper insights into the forces impacting investment decisions, especially those relating to Asia and the Pacific Rim.

I am particularly looking forward to working with our team in the coming months to build top-flight agendas for PPI's fall programs in Australia. The envisaged themes are: Australia: Building a Diverse Economy for Sustainable Growth for The Executive Seminar and The Asia-Pacific's Opportunity in an Evolving International Order for the Asia Pacific Roundtable. The Executive Seminar will address Australia's unique economic model among developed nations, the investment implications of economic diversification and other developments such as demographics and geopolitics. The Asia Pacific Roundtable will focus on the responses of Asia Pacific economies (including Australia) to the evolving international order and the backlash against globalization. (Note: "an evolving international order" is a key section of Australia's most recent foreign policy white paper).

Ensuring that the PPI experience—from our signature roundtables, working groups and task forces- benefit the individuals and the institutions they represent is our most important objective. As part of our strategic plan, we have established new channels of measuring our impact and how our programs fit into your decision-making processes. Obtaining this real-time feedback will enable us to continuously fine-tune our programming and assure that it remains relevant, meaningful and valuable.

As we look to the future, we will also take time to commemorate our past. This year will mark the celebration of PPI's 25th Anniversary, which will culminate with a gala at our 2018 Summer Roundtable in La Jolla, California on July 12. We will mark a quarter century of PPI and our powerful perspective, with an appreciation for the need to constantly strive to strengthen our effectiveness and to serve the needs of our membership as we continue as an organization and as a community.

It is my sincere hope that the holidays have given you a much-deserved break and an opportunity to recharge and that your 2018 is full of health, productivity, and fulfillment. I look forward to seeing you at PPI's Winter Roundtable in Washington D.C. on March 14-16. Registration for this important event will commence on January 8.

With warm personal regards and best wishes,

Lionel C. Johnson