FT Growth Markets Summit: Adjusting to a New Paradigm

December 2, 2015 | Convene, New York 

PPI members are eligible for complimentary attendance to the Summit. For more information, please contact Nicole-Rene Bullock at nicole-rene.bullock@ft.com

The balance is shifting again in the global economy. The pace of growth in developing markets is weakening, amid a drop in world trade, falling energy and commodity prices, and the anticipation of higher US interest rates.

With export-reliant models coming under pressure, the advantage could shift to countries that can pivot to domestic-driven growth, and where companies are innovating and focusing on new industries. However, broad structural reforms may be required to address the low levels of productivity that were to some extent masked by the capital inflows seen over the past decade.

As investors reassess risk and value in this volatile environment, and position themselves for the next upturn, it is more important than ever to identify the key opportunities for long-term business and financial growth that still exist across both middle-income emerging economies and the frontier markets of Africa, Latin America, Asia and Europe.

The FT Growth Markets Summit will gather top investors, business leaders, economists, advisors and policy-makers to discuss in detail the new forces determining global expansion, the regions, countries and sectors most likely to flourish in the medium to long term, and the most effective strategies for creating value and sustaining growth.