Strengthening Public Pension Systems in Asia

The Pacific Pension & Investment Institute (PPI) is very pleased to announce the release of Strengthening Public Pension Systems in Asia, a summary of the discussions from the ADB-PPI conference on public pension systems in Asia.  

The conference, held on September 3-4 2015, convened a delegation of 33 representatives from pension funds and relevant government organizations from Cambodia, Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Myanmar, Viet Nam, and Thailand.  PPI in partnership with the ADB developed the program that took as its focus the challenges, needs, and best practices of these developing public pension systems.

PPI and the ADB have entered into a multi-year partnership to jointly develop a series of regional programs designed to (A) understand the needs of specific Asian countries; (B) support the development of sustainable retirement systems through knowledge sharing of best practices; (C) strengthen the capacity of pension fund managers through continued education and networking opportunities with regional and global experts; and (D) help pension fund managers diversify their investment portfolios and deepen inter-regional linkages in Asia.

This latest partnership is part of the long term relationship between the ADB and PPI.  Through the ADB’s technical assistance grants, PPI previously conducted programs and surveys with follow-up reports in 2011 and 2013. 

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