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Summer Roundtable in Toronto, Canada  | July 26-28, 2017

Summer Roundtable Theme

Shifting Sources of Risk and Uncertainty: Inflection Points in Today’s Investment Environment

The rise of populism continues to test the global economy and the institutions that have shaped it since the end of the Second World War. In the face of an international system seemingly in disarray, government responses have been uneven at best. The first months of the new U.S. administration, the launch of Brexit negotiations and the election super cycle in Europe have brought political risk to the forefront of investor concerns. They are adjusting to the sober reality that the developed world has become a central source of volatility. The inward orientation of governments and the agendas of competing institutions are straining the multilateral architecture in unprecedented ways. What policy and structural changes to the global system will result, and how should institutional investors respond? These investors face parallel challenges— confronting an uphill battle to meet return targets, and they are considering a variety of blueprints for success. Should they follow the safety of the herd, or blaze new trails? How will global tipping points affect long-term investors and their investment strategies?

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