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2018 Summer Roundtable in La Jolla, CA
July 11-13, 2018

Drivers of Change: Future-Proofing Investment Portfolios

While political uncertainty and market volatility continue to cloud today’s investment environment, long-term institutional investors need to prepare for and focus on the powerful underlying forces of growth in the coming decades. Demographic trends, technology breakthroughs, and new solutions to basic human needs are profoundly affecting economic and business activities, industries and sectors, and policies and regulations. Within the Asia-Pacific region, shifts in the economic and geopolitical landscape will continue to shape regional growth opportunities, leadership, collaboration, and competition. What actionable insights can long-term investors glean for their institutional portfolios? How can they overcome the short-term impediments to long-term capital allocation?

PPI's 25th Anniversary Gala Celebration will occur during the Summer Roundtable, on the evening of Thursday, July 12; we will look back at PPI's rich history through generations of members and programs, as well as our bright future as a unique community of colleagues and friends.

The registration window for PPI members is April 16 through May 18, 2018.