March 9, 2017


Dear PPI Members and Friends:

Your support over the past year has been very strong and well appreciated.  We wish to express to our thanks for participating in our programs and being part of the PPI community in 2016.

In the execution of PPI’s Strategic Plan 2015-2017, we strengthened our programming for PPI’s third decade, as well as consolidating the PPI community of members, and our financial future. We are very confident now that PPI’s powerful perspective adds true value to the investment decisions of our members.

Programming for PPI’s Third Decade. The programming at PPI is the hallmark of this organization. In 2016, PPI’s leadership worked diligently to bring insights from a range of institutional investor leaders, government, and the NGO community—while maintaining interactive, peer-to-peer, education. We put a premium on program partnerships and creating new channels for members to provide recommendations for different types of topics, and we remain open to new ideas and initiatives.

Strengthening the PPI Community of Members. Throughout the year, we dedicated ourselves to growing PPI’s membership without compromising on quality. These efforts have borne fruit, as our numbers have continued to improve as well as the quality of participation in programs among our member representatives. We added 21 institutional members, bringing our total to 104 by the end of the year. We also moved toward greater parity between our principal membership categories, and have widened our geographic diversity.

Securing PPI’s Financial Future. PPI is on solid footing thanks to our membership strategy and well-attended roundtable programs. Membership dues currently provide approximately 80 percent of PPI’s annual operating budget, and we are actively working to diversify our revenue stream and build up our reserves as a buffer against unexpected events.

PPI’s Powerful Perspective. Our PPI community continues to be—by virtue of our impressive global membership—a powerful force in the global economy. The board of directors and management team have worked closely to best ensure we can all have new insights into investment opportunities, and the corresponding political, security, financial, and economic risks. We invite your continued support and active participation, both in-person at our signature programs and on-line via the PPI Community Site: the community is only as strong as each member’s input and perspective.

We would like to thank Theresa Whitmarsh for her excellent leadership of the board and team over the recent years as chair. We would also like to thank the staff of PPI for their significant insight, assistance, and professionalism over the last year, keeping PPI great.



Adrian Orr, Board Chair 

Lionel C. Johnson, President