Annual Employee
Performance Review


Overview                 Instructions:       For HR (Part 1)       For Employees (Part 2)       For the President (Part 3)


PART 3 - For the President

February 22 - March 4, 2016 (or sooner)

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1. By now you have probably invited each employee to the in-person review meeting with you. Check that they have all accepted. You will need those dates and times.

2. You will receive an email from Formstack Support when each employee has completed Part 2. Unfortunately, the subject line will not show whose link you have received. You will have to click the link in the email to find out.

3. Click the link in the email. A web browser page will open with Part 1 completed by Sabina. Click Next to go to Part 2.

4. Read the employee's responses in Part 2, then click Next.

5. Complete Part 3.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Remember, you are completing an online form--meaning, your session could be interrupted for whatever reason, and your entries may not be saved. Use Word or Text Edit to formulate your responses, and then copy and paste the final text into the fields. You might appreciate having all your responses offline for reference later on.

You can also use the Save and Resume Later button to save your responses as you go, but keep in mind that a new link is generated every time you save. So, if you use this method to save your work as you go, enter your email address when saving so that you will have the link to the latest saved version in your inbox.

6. After you have answered all the questions in Part 3, and you are satisfied, digitally sign and date Part 3 at the bottom of the page and add your email address and the date and time of the in-person review meeting with the employee.

7. Click Submit Form at the bottom of the page.

8. Save the summary page to a PDF file and print two copies. One copy is for you, and one copy is give to the employee at the start of the scheduled in-person review meeting.

9. At the conclusion of the review meeting, you and the employee will sign the bottom of both copies. The employee keeps theirs. Your copy should go to Sabina for the employee's file.


Repeat steps 1 through 9 for each employee.