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Pacific Pension & Investment Institute (PPI) roundtables provide members a unique opportunity to explore issues related to long-term investment. Limited to roughly 120 senior executives from the institutional investor community, these programs offer a forum for honest and confidential discussions on important themes and trends that affect asset allocation, risk management, and investment decisions.

In today's complex environment for long-term investment, the Pacific Pension & Investment Institute (PPI) helps its members explore geopolitical and economic issues and derive tangible insights alongside trusted, industry-leading peers and external experts.

What PPI brings together is investment professionals/asset owners who are from all (...) corners of the world, with different perspectives coming together in one location—trying to understand and identify what are the key problems and talk about how to then navigate those issues.

Scenes from the 2018 Executive Seminar in Melbourne and Asia Pacific Roundtable in Sydney, Australia

…It is the kind of perspective that we need to hear, viewpoints from all sides. Unfiltered.

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EVENT DETAILS: The Langham Hotel Chicago, IL July 10 - 12, 2019    The PPI member registration period for this program is April 15 to May 17, 2019.

The Langham Hotel Chicago, IL
July 10 - 12, 2019

The PPI member registration period for this program is April 15 to May 17, 2019.

2019 Summer Roundtable in Chicago.IL

Trade and the Heartland: From Agriculture to Aviation

Recent rifts between major trading partners and the dysfunction in the global trade system have been highly disruptive to a wide range of industries that are dependent on a network of global suppliers and buyers. The private sector, as well as farming, are forced to adjust to new economic realities that may become permanent conditions. How taxing will this shift be to global economic growth? Who will become the new winners and losers? Meanwhile, governments in many parts of the world and at various levels are grappling with the rising cost of worsening demographic profiles. Entitlement spending has ballooned to become the biggest item on fiscal budgets in many public offices. New legislation in public finance and new solutions to a variety of funding gaps are desperately needed. In this context, will defined contribution plans assume greater roles in public sector pension systems? What can be done about the funding of infrastructure, whether they are new projects or upgrades to existing systems? Finally, if volatility persists in financial markets, what can be done to manage its effects? As more companies engage in share buybacks at lowered stock prices, what should investors and regulators watch for?


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Summer Roundtable
Chicago, IL
July 10-12, 2019

Executive Seminar
Hangzhou, China
November 3-5, 2019

Asia Pacific Roundtable
Shanghai, China
November 6-8, 2019


Winter Roundtable
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
February 12-14, 2020

Summer Roundtable
Vancouver, Canada
July 15-17, 2020

Executive Seminar
Tokyo, Japan
October 18-20, 2020

Asia Pacific Roundtable
Tokyo, Japan
October 21-23, 2020


Winter Roundtable
February 24-26, 2021

Summer Roundtable
July 14-16, 2021

Executive Seminar
October 24-26, 2021

Asia Pacific Roundtable
October 27-29, 2021


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Having a forum where you have leaders from the investment world and the government and policy world to explore and exchange ideas around what’s happening around the globe, it is unique.

With titles such as CEO, CIO, president, vice president, ambassador, managing director, principal, and trustee, the rich knowledge exchange is uniquely PPI.