Registration Announcement

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March 9, 2016


Dear PPI Members:

PPI has always attached the highest priority to fostering a trusted and intimate program environment for its members. That is, one that is devoid of marketing, and that is instead noted for off-the-record dialogue, the candid sharing of ideas and the building of collegial networks. It is because of these fundamental principles, along with the quality of the content, that our programs are today attracting heightened interest. We are taking great care to manage this growth in strategic and thoughtful ways. As a result, our registration process now requires some refinement to preserve an optimal and fair balance of Asset Owner & Allocator and Asset Manager & Advisor participants, as well as to ensure an audience size that is conducive to the valuable peer-to-peer engagement that is PPI’s hallmark.

We have managed the registration process with some flexibility built into the traditional ‘first-come; first-served’ approach. The following refinements to the registration timing and structure will enable us to carefully manage attendance and to maintain the culture of intimacy and trust.

Henceforth, we will institute a 30-Day open registration period.* Three to four months prior to each roundtable, we will have a 30-day period of open registration for members. For example, for the 2016 Summer Roundtable in Cambridge, MA, open registration will commence April 1. For the 2016 Asia Roundtable and Executive Seminar, open registration will commence July 1. 

[*Due to holiday schedules, the open registration period for the 2017 Winter Roundtable will be longer than thirty days. The open registration period for the Winter Roundtable will be November 15 through December 31, 2016.]

During the open registration period, PPI members can use the online system to submit the registration requests for their representatives. Please note that we will make every effort to accommodate all registrations.  However, based on the registration numbers at any given time, and to achieve appropriate balance between Asset Owner & Allocator and Asset Manager & Advisor registrants, we may have to place representatives from an organization on a waitlist. The waitlist will be managed based upon the following priorities:

  • Member organizations that are not already represented by speakers or PPI board members.
  • The ability of the individuals to actively contribute to the discussions and knowledge sharing, with preference for senior-level executives with portfolio management responsibilities.
  • Member organizations that have not had representatives at programs in the recent past.

We encourage you to mark your calendars for this year’s open registration periods. Members will receive notifications announcing open registration via email and the PPI Members app.

For most of you, this registration process will not appear much different from your previous experiences. We hope that you will support our efforts to balance our attendance and enhance the roundtable experience for all. If you have any concerns, please give me a call at (415) 576-1187 or send me an email at

Sincerely yours,

Kris Greenville
Vice President