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2017 Asia Roundtable



Click the titles below to view the source versions on the web; when possible, we have provided a link to PDF versions. For all of the articles below in a single PDF file, click here (2 MB,25 pages). 

Introductory Articles

  • India: Gradual Liberalization Puts Economic Growth on Strong Long-Term Trajectory - Eurasia Group (pdf) added 10/10
  • Three years of Modi: Big-bang experiments, great GDP numbers, and uneven growth - Quartz (web | pdf) added 10/5
  • India’s “Like-Minded” Partnerships to Counter China in South Asia - Carnegie India (webpdf) added 10/5
  • Youth unemployment bucks India’s rapid growth - FT (web | pdf) added 10/5
  • The Great Indian Technological Leap - Perth USAsia Centre (pdf) added 10/5