2017 Summer Roundtable



Click the titles below to view the source versions on the web; when possible, we have provided a link to PDF versions. For all of the articles below in a single PDF file, click here (11.7 MB,233 pages)

Introductory Articles

  • Peterson Institute: Trade Balances and the NAFTA Renegotiation (pdf) added 6/26
  • WTO: Trade recovery expected in 2017 and 2018, amid policy uncertainty (webpdf) added 6/26
  • World Economic Forum: The Global Risks Report 2017 (pdf) added 6/26
  • Reuters: Foreign investors to pour nearly $1 trillion into emerging markets in 2017: IIF (webpdf) added 6/26
  • Foreign Affairs: Why Globalization Stalled And How to Restart It (web, subscription required) added 6/26
  • Foreign Affairs: Paris Isn’t Burning (web, subscription required) added 6/26
  • Foreign Affairs: Market Parables and the Economics of Populism (web, subscription required) added 7/28

Has Europe Turned a Corner?

  • PPI June 21 webinar recording: The Road Ahead for the European Union (video) added 7/10
  • Financial Times: Eurozone recovery becomes surprise economic story of 2017 (web | pdf) added 7/10

Which Sectors are Building up Risk?

  • PWP Global Macro: Regulating the Financial Industry: No Free Lunch! (pdf) added 7/10

The Future of Global Trade

  • Canada West Foundation: The Art of the Trade Deal (web | pdf) added 7/26

The World Economy at a Crossroads

Alliances and Institutions: 2017 and Beyond

  • German Marshall Fund of the U.S.: Transatlantic Fragmentations and Policy Adaptation (web | pdf) added 7/10

The Role of Long-Term Capital

  • BNY Mellon: Exiting the Paris Agreement: What does it Mean? (pdf) added 7/17
  • Barclays: US power and utilities sector primed for ESG investor scrutiny copy (pdf) added 7/18

Geopolitical Risk in East Asia

  • Map 1 current (image)
  • Map 2 old (image)
  • South China Morning Post: East Asia Needs a Geopolitical Miracle to Protect its Economic One (web | pdf) aded 7/10
  • Atlantic Council: Rolling Back the Growing North Korean Threat (web) added 7/10
  • Chas W. Freeman Jr:
    • Thinking about War with China (web | pdf) added 7/17
    • Reimagining China and Asia (web | pdf) added 7/17
    • Taiwan: Into the Endgame? (web | pdf) added 7/17
    • Taiwan’s Identity (web | pdf) added 7/17

The Canadian Pension Model Explained

  • The "Canada Model" for Pension Fund Management: Past, Present, and Future (pdf) added 7/26

Other Viable Fund Models and Innovative Partnerships

  • CFA Institute Review: The Future of Pension Management: Integrating Design, Governance, and Investing (a review) (webpdf | ebook) added 6/26

Future Growth Drivers for the Developed World

Asia: A Source of Stable Growth?

  • IMF: Asia’s Dynamic Economies Continue to Lead Global Growth (web | pdf) added 6/26

Latin America: Seeking Economic Diversification

  • The Diplomat: The Pacific Alliance: The Americas' Bridge to Asia? (web | pdf) added 7/10