We are committed to creating sustainable, diversified revenue streams and resources over the coming years without sacrificing the high quality of PPI programming and membership services. 

Making sure-footed steps toward this goal in 2015, PPI demonstrated sound fiscal management and accountability measures, as demonstrated by the audited financial statements completed as of December 31, 2015 by Good & Fowler, LLP. The following Statement of Activities reflects a total Revenue and Support of $2,314,015, an increase of $402,011 or 21% from the prior year. Total Expenses were $2,119,747, an increase of $203,245 or 10.6% from the prior year. The total change in 2015 net assets is $194,268.

These financial results position us, for the first time in three years, to make forward-looking investments in programs, people, and member service technology, while also shoring up PPI reserves to weather unforeseen turbulence.

Chart A: 2015 Revenue Sources

Chart B: 2015 Expense Allocation

Statement of Activities

For the Year Ended December 31, 2015
With Comparative Totals (USD) for the Year Ended December 31, 2014

2015 2014
     Membership Dues 1,749,775 1,496,774
     Roundtable Registration 266,055 200,140
     Asian Development Bank Grant 60,758 135,432
     PPI Executive Seminar Registration 88,857 37,550
     Investment Income 7,170 8,457
     Other Income 100 1,400
Total Revenue 2,172,715 1,879,753
     Contributions 141,300 30,220
     In-Kind Donations - 2,031
Total Support 141,300 32,251
TOTAL REVENUE & SUPPORT 2,314,015 1,912,004
     Program Services 1,628,190 1,302,292
     Support Services 491,557 614,210
Total Expenses 2,119,747 1,916,502
CHANGE IN NET ASSETS 194,268 (4,498)
NET ASSETS AT END OF YEAR $1,877,487 $1,683,219

The financial information presented is from the audited financial statements. Interested parties can obtain a complete copy of the audited financial statements by contacting our office.