2017 Asia Roundtable


This is a 3-minute survey with 11 quick multiple choice questions (strongly agree to strongly disagree) and an opportunity to offer your own comments about the roundtable.

1. I am more knowledgeable about the investment implications of the changing global landscape.
2. The information from this roundtable will enable me to make more informed investment decisions.
3. I will share the information from this roundtable with my colleagues.
4. I am likely to recommend PPI roundtables to a colleague.
5. I am likely to attend other PPI programs.
6. I was impressed with the caliber of members present at this roundtable.
7. The roundtable addressed relevant and important issues.
8. I learned new information and related investment strategies at the roundtable.
9. I grew my professional network as a result of attending this roundtable.
10. I am likely to engage with other participants between roundtables.
11. The approach to the topic was balanced and did not advocate for a particular investment strategy.
OPTIONAL: Your name
OPTIONAL: Your name