Annual Employee
Performance Review


Overview                 Instructions:       For HR (Part 1)       For Employees (Part 2)       For the President (Part 3)




As previously discussed, we will this year begin using the on-line annual employee evaluation system. This process is critically important to your PPI experience. It has two broad purposes. The first is evaluation. That is, to convey to each employee where they are relative to mutually agreed upon performance objectives and standards. The second purpose is development. That is, to strongly support and to assist you in training and continued personal and professional development.  

With Mark’s help we have simplified the instructions that will guide this process. Please let him know if you have any questions. We will adhere carefully to the timeline provided. 

Thanks for your cooperation. Lionel

  • February 8-12 - Part 1: For Human Resources

  • February 15-19 - Part 2: For Employees

  • February 22 - March 4 - Part 3: For the President 

  • March 7-11,14 - In-Person Review Meetings